All Bills Considered

All Bills Considered is freeware developed at Solidus Integration. Share expenses among multiple participants (weighted by participant), find who owes whom and how much! Save your expense sheets, print out reports and export data into text files. Use this program for settling restaurant bills among several participants, rental bills, travel expenses, etc.

LV 2 ML 4

LV 2 ML 4 is a freeware collection of LabVIEW VIs for saving data from within LabVIEW to .MAT files in Version 4 format supported by all versions of MATLAB. These VIs are compatible with LabVIEW 2017 and above (they can also be saved for use with earlier versions of LabVIEW).

Airplane! SnV

Airplane! SnV is a proof-of-concept program that demonstrates voice recognition, speech generation, and non-IMAQdx webcam image acquisition in LabVIEW. In addition to displaying camera video in a container, it supports presenting frames as LabVIEW 2D pictures. It requires Windows 10 and above. The program uses several multimedia APIs developed by the LabVIEW community. There's a reason why the program is called Airplane! 😉