IsoCal Data Logger and IsoCal Report Generator comprise a software suite for conducting experiments using isothermal calorimeters, for logging of collected data, and for plotting data graphs. The software supports automated calorimeter calibration. IsoCal is compatible with most Thermometric and TA Instruments TAM Air™ Calorimeters, and will support up to two 8-channel units. Report Generator software is complementary to Data Logger. It is used to generate reports based on data log files created with IsoCal Data Logger. Sales of new IsoCal software licenses have been discontinued in September of 2012. If you are an existing user and have questions about licensing IsoCal software, please contact Solidus Integration. Also, consider CalCommander software from Calmetrix, Inc.: this software package is a successor to IsoCal. For more information about calorimeters for cement and concrete applications as well as calorimeters for use in life sciences and biotech, visit Calmetrix, Inc. Calorimeters page.

ThermoCal Suite is an affordable system for characterization of hydration processes in cement, concrete, etc. It includes a data acquisition module, Data Logger software and Report Generator. The software functionality is similar to that of the IsoCal Data Logger package. Version 5 of this package works with one or two Pico Instruments' TC08 data acquisition modules that interface to the computer over USB ports or over COM ports (RS232). The system supports measurements on 8 channels per module to the total of 16 channels.

Solidus Integration also offers several instruments and software products for calorimetry applications in association with Calmetrix, Inc. Calmetrix calorimeters are used in life sciences, food technology and in cement/concrete industry.